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2.21 | high five for friday!

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(ONE) i had a couple missteps over the weekend with my food, but i corrected it on tuesday.  my fitness has been solid this past week.  my motivation is still really strong!  it’s kind of exciting for me.  progress, not perfection.

(2)  i realized this past week that i need to get outside more.  winter is getting me down!  i need some sunshine and a warm breeze.  the weather in the texas panhandle seems to be pretty crazy most of the time, but we’re starting to get some glimpses of spring.  i had a great time with my cousin and her daughter out at the state park this past weekend.  


(three)  i took my GT class to town on thursday along with the two other teachers.  we went to this place called the discovery center.  it’s a place for kids to explore different science and history topics.  we did three different labs: creating glow sticks, cow eye dissection, and explosions.  (i had to excuse myself from the cow eye dissection one – eww!)  i got to have some hydrogen bubbles blow up in my hand.  so cool!  those nerds had a blast.  after the discovery center, we went out to eat at cheddars, played some at the park, and then headed back to school.  they drive me crazy sometimes with their energy and and ideas flying around all the time, but i love those kids.  they made me laugh the entire day.  so much so that my stomach hurt by the time we got back to school.

(4)  i have a bit of a love affair with TOMS shoes.  i have about 10 pairs.  i got this new pair in the mail on thursday.  they immediately jumped to the top of my rankings.  i love the pattern!  it’s world maps, which i like because i’m a social studies teacher and a bit obsessed with maps.  some countries are highlighted with different colors.  they’re perfect for spring!


(FIVE)  i get to see the turnpike troubadours tomorrow!  i saw them at the state fair a few months ago.  they’re not your typical texas country band.  they are true poets.  their music is amazing.  so excited!  {check out one of their songs below!}

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8 thoughts on “2.21 | high five for friday!

  1. Hey Taylor! Happy Friday! I love what you wrote above, progress not perfection. That is a great attitude! Not going to lie – I’m super jealous of your Texas pics! All I see is snow in NYC. I would kill to wear short sleeves outside! Have a great weekend! Pamela @ A Little Glitter

  2. I love the Turnpike Troubadours! I’m excited for you that you get to see them! I was turned on to them because Matt Carpenter on the Cardinals walkout song is Long Hot Summers Day!

  3. Fitness is ALL about progress, not perfection. Good for you for getting back on track with your nutrition. It’s all about just keeping on keeping on! I am with you about getting outside more. It really helps. It has finally be warmer here in NC so I will be going hiking Sunday. I really like your Toms – cute colors! I hope you have a great weekend babe, xo!

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