teachin' school

teaching tip 35. running into former students around town.

this tip is going to affect high school teachers more than others.  🙂

this past weekend, i went to a bar to see a texas country band.  it’s something i do often, but not at that particular place.  i just knew i was going to run into some former students.  and i did.

not gonna lie…it’s weird.

they’ll always be “kids” in your mind and seeing them out and about is a little strange.  but as they get older, it gets less weird.  don’t avoid them all together.  it’s kind of fun to catch up with them and see how they’re doing in life.

for some reason, i always run into former students at the grocery store when i’m most likely in some frayed jeans and no make-up.  and for some reason, seeing each other at the store embarrasses them.  but they think it’s entertaining to see you out.  like you have no life what so ever.  like the only place you ever go is work and the grocery store.

you can’t change yourself when you see them around town.  for example, i went out to have fun and see that band.  yes, i drank and danced.  that what i do when i go to a bar.  but here’s the thing… i wasn’t doing anything crazy.  i wasn’t embarrassing myself or anything.  i wasn’t doing anything wrong.  i was being myself.  i talked to each of those kids for a few minutes with a beer in my hand.

there is a line.  you have to find it for yourself in that situation.  it depends on the place, the event, the “kids”.  after you weigh those things, you can choose how to act around them.

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