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haters gonna hate.

nobody asked you

i got my first negative comments a few days ago.

my first thought was… that is so mean.

honestly, it made me a little sad. it wasn’t even about what i write about. i could handle that. of course, no one is going to agree with me about everything. but it was a personal attack about my appearance.

but then, i realized… why dwell?  this person obviously wanted to be mean.

and then I wondered – why? why go out of your way to leave three mean comments in a row?
ain’t nobody got time fo dat…except mean people.

i started writing this blog about a year ago for myself. to reflect and to focus on my present and future. i also hoped to connect with other women who were struggling with some of the same things i struggle with. and i have! the women who have reached out to me have been amazing…positive, encouraging, and wonderful.

i will not stand for negativity.
i will not allow myself to be affected by pathetic people who hide behind the anonymity of the internet. so if you have a negative comment, keep it to yourself. it’s not needed, wanted, or welcome.  this is a positive space.

keep your face

9 thoughts on “haters gonna hate.

  1. When I receive negative comments, I always think of negative that no matter what is typed, that person just dedicated a portion of their life to reading my material and then even more time writing a response to it. Regardless of what they claim their emotional stance on your writings are, they have still dedicated a substantial amount of time to analyzing, consuming and responding to the message you have created. Keep up the good work!

  2. I’m so sorry you received your first negative comments. I don’t understand why people aim to be so mean. I think it says more about that person than anything about you. And I also think you handled it wonderfully!

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