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WOW 2.26 – sometimes you just need a rest.

workout wednesday with tattooedteacherintexas and hosted by skinnymeg!

i’ve been doing pretty well with my food and fitness recently.  i’m a few days behind on my february squat challenge, but my workouts have been good.  however, there are times when i just need to listen to my body and respect the soreness and tiredness.  it’s not weakness i’m feeling.  it’s actually strength building.  i have just recently accepted this fact.

a couple of days ago, i was feeling super sore and debated on whether to take a rest day.  i like to workout five to six times a week.  fridays are usually my rest days.  but this day, i was feeling like a walking bruise.

i haven’t been doing much yoga or stretching lately.  i got kind of bored with yoga a few months ago.  i was frustrated because i couldn’t seem to quiet my mind to focus on my body and its movements.  but i’ve been trying to do more of it since i renewed my goals in january.  foam rolling has been helping as well.

i found these two videos that sore day and decided to try them.  (it is a new youtube channel i’m trying out after i saw their reality show on bravo.  all the videos are pretty short and sweet.)  i was pleasantly surprised.  they held my attention and really worked out my aches and pains.  together, they last about 30 minutes.  i do the stretching one first and then the yoga one.  some of the yoga is quite advanced so i do modify a little bit, especially since i’m out of practice.

{note: skinny meg is taking a well-deserved break.  that girl has been rocking her way though her pregnancy and inspiring us all, but now it’s time for some maternity leave from WOW for her.  but i’m just going to try to keep up with my own WOW posts to keep myself accountable and reflective on how i’m doing!}

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