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i’m so not artsy or crafty.

i was reminded yesterday that i’m not very talented with arts and crafts.  don’t get me wrong, i can be crafty when i really want to be.  i’ve built scrapbooks, covered and decorated lampshades, repainted and distressed furniture, made collages, and created some pretty great bulletin boards at school.  however, i don’t really have a talent for it.  and sometimes i don’t even enjoy it.

my mother, on the other hand, is extremely crafty.  for as long as i can remember, she has been making all sorts of things for the home and her daughters.  i just didn’t inherit it her skills.  she finished this quilt for me yesterday.  just about every year, i get a new quilt from her.  she lets me choose the style and fabrics and works with me to design it.

my new quilt for my living room.
a close up at the detail of the quilt

i did try quilting a few summers ago.  my aunt let me borrow one of her extra sewing machines and i learned some things off the internet and books.  and let me tell you… it is freaking hard!  it’s so precise all the time.  i just don’t have the patience for it.  i would spend hours bent over a sewing machine and ironing board until i threw whatever was in my hands across the room and scream.  at the end of the day, i just didn’t enjoy it enough to continue it.

this little bag and coin purse were the only things i ended up making that summer. they’re cute and i did carry them a couple of times, but every time i opened it, i thought about what a bitch that zipper was and got angry.

however, i am interested in it still.  i appreciate the craft.  i know how much work goes into it.  i’m actually going to do some crafts this weekend.  i am inspired by my new quilt to update some things around my home.

this is one of my favorite quilts my mama has made.
detail of the starburst quilt

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