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2.28 | high five for friday!

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(ONE) i’m doing new measurements tomorrow.  i’m curious to see if there’s been any changes.  i don’t think there will be honestly because the scale hasn’t moved all month, and my clothes are fitting the pretty much the same.  but! … i do know that i have worked my ass off for the past month.  and that’s something to be proud of.  {update: here’s my measurements and goals for march.}

(2)  my mama finished my new quilt for my living room.  it’s so bright and beautiful!  (the front is not as dark as it’s coming off in the picture below.)  she’s also making me some throw pillows and a rug.  i’ve followed the progress through pictures from her, and it’s inspired me to redo the whole room now.  i’m starting with some new curtains this weekend.  i’m feeling burlap for the curtains…


(three)  the turnpike troubadours concert was amazing this past saturday!  this was my second time seeing them this year with my best friend, kat.  i just love them and their music!


(4)  i was in a funk on sunday.  part of the reason was i was a little hungover from having some fun at the concert and was having a “fat day” because of it.  another part was that i got some mean, unsolicited comments on my blog that day.  and part of it was that i was just feeling a little anxious and down.  but by monday night, i pulled myself out of it when i choose to put everything back in perspective and focus on defining my own self-worth.self-worth

(FIVE)  i was grading some papers and student notebooks the other day.  i came across this explanation on one of them.  the students have been working on some word problems and graphs in economics, and i’m assuming that she just mixed them up when she was working on multiple problems.  the first time i read it, i was like – what is the logic there?  but it made me laugh when i read it out loud the second time when i realized what she’d done.  and then this kid made me smile with his comments on his notebook evaluation sheet.  i say it all the time, but the best thing about teaching is that the kids make me laugh every day.



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