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measurements and goals | march 2014

you're only one workout away from a good mood!

i feel like i worked really hard this month.  i am nearly done with my squat challenge from my february goals.  (there are only 28 days in february and i missed a couple of days that i need to make up.)  i am nearly done with “slim for life” by jillain michaels.  i learned a ton from that book!  it kept me energized throughout the month.

but i’m also realistic about my results.  i know there’s not going to be a lot of changes in the numbers.  i am starting to tone up around my stomach, and my legs are tightening up.  however, i’m still pretty soft around my middle and my clothes are still fitting a little tight.  but let’s just see if there was any progress…

here’s my measurements from march 1st:


here are the changes in inches from february to march:

  • chest = 0
  • bust = -1
  • waist = 0
  • arms = +.5
  • midway = +1
  • hips = 0
  • thighs = -.5
  • knees = -1

*i use the measurement chart from this post.
*february 2014 measurements and goals
*january 2014 measurements and goals

overall, i’m okay with my progress.  i know i worked hard in february even if there wasn’t a ton of inches or pounds lost.  and it’s that time of the month.  maybe that has something to do with my midsection being a little more pudgy than normal.  anyway…i’m still moving forward and feeling better every day.  that’s what matters the most.


1.  i’m continuing with my inches goal from january and february.  i would like to lose an inch all over, especially around my midsection.

2.  complete a jillian challenge over spring break.  i have pre-ordered this dvd off amazon.  if i don’t get it in time to start at the beginning of spring break, i will do “hard body” and other jillian workouts until i do receive it.

click the pic for the link

3.  try a plank challenge.  i had some bad results when i tried a plank challenge last summer because as the time increased, my form suffered and i didn’t realize it until it was too late.  i tried too much too soon and my wrist is still store most days because of it.  so i’m going to try again but with elbow planks and a little less intensity this time.

3.  keep focused on my personal mantra daily.  (if you’re interested in why and how i choose this personal mantra, check out this post)


4.  remember this quote…


i need a new healthy book recommendation!
do y’all have any ideas?
if so, leave me a comments with the title.

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