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teaching tip 36. make the most of your spring break

in one week, i’ll be facing a week off.  spring break week, to be exact.  and so it has been on my mind… what am i going to do to fill the time during that week?  i don’t want to waste it.  usually, i plan a little trip, but i decided to save money this year for another solo road trip this summer.  last year’s trip was so epic that i know i can’t do a repeat of it, but i’d like to take off for a week.

i’ve learned a lot in the past about how to make the most of my spring break.  here’s what i’m planning for next week:

  • do some spring cleaning and purging of unnecessary things around my home
  • have some fun with friends
  • spend some time outdoors
  • keep up (and even step up!) with my workouts 
  • go to an afternoon movie
  • sleep in a couple of those mornings
  • read a book
  • avoid the crowds and do some shopping for spring clothes
  • work on some of those crafty projects

whatever you do, enjoy it.  not everyone gets a spring break.  we teachers are lucky.  don’t take the valuable time for granted!

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