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an open letter to my home state

dear texas,

i love you.

seriously…i freaking love you.  you are beautiful with your colorful canyons, cool rivers, rolling hills, stark deserts, piney wood forests, open plains, and long coastline.  not much can compare to one of your west texas sunsets.

you have such a wonderful blend of people from all different kinds of backgrounds.  the diversity makes us unique.  and you’ve give us some pretty awesome people… willie nelson, george strait, tommy lee jones, dennis quaid, matthew mcconaughey, sandra bullock, quanah parker, dan rather, beyonce, nolan ryan, chuck norris, zz top, mary kay ash, buddy holly, sam houston, not to mention a couple of presidents.

your music is amazing.  no other state has what we have: texas country.  and with a capital like austin, we produce some great music.  people come from all over to go to SXSW and austin city limits each year.

you’re really good at football (and pretty much every sport we try), and nothing compares to the excitement of a friday night football game.  your professional teams give us endless entertainment, although it’s sometimes not for the right reasons.

you don’t have a state income tax.  that’s pretty cool come tax season.

you’ve given the world dr. pepper, whataburger, shiner beer, blue bell ice cream, NASA, tex-mex, bluebonnets, the state fair of texas with all its delicious treats, and lots and lots of windmills.  i don’t know what i’d do without most of those things.

texas cities
i want this print! so cute! (click for the etsy shop)


you seriously need to get your shit together.  your weather is insane.  one minute, you’re hot.  the next, you’re freezing cold.  it’s really annoying.  also, your politicians talk constantly, but they never really say anything.  they make us regular texans look like idiots on the national stage on a near daily basis.  your education system could use some work, too.  (how about listening to your teachers and not those talking heads we call politicians?)  you’re also a little too focused on sports rather than what’s going on in the classroom.  i mean, i love those friday night lights too, but we need to get back on track.

even though you’ve got some problems, i’ll never leave you.  i’ll also never waste an opportunity to brag about you.  know that i believe in you, and i know you’re going to do some amazing things in your future.

love, taylor

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