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3.7 | high five for friday!

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(ONE) spring break is here!  and thank goodness too.  i need a break from school and my lazy seniors.  (really? we have three more months of school and your senioritis is kicking in now?  wait a bit!)  today’s a half day at school so we get to start it a little early.  i’m excited to get some fun stuff done and kick up my fitness.  the time’s there.  why not use it?!?

it’s going to be a gorgeous week!

(2)  my food/fitness have been really good this past week!  i finished my squat challenge….finally!!!   i also weighed for the first time in a couple weeks, and i lost two pounds in february.  (here’s my measurements/goals for march that i took this past sunday.)  it’s not a lot, but it’s progress.  down six since january 1st.  i feel like i have been right on track for the past few weeks.  fingers crossed.  scratch that.  i don’t need luck.  i’m just going to keep it going!

my squat challenge is finally done!

(three)  i’m reading “divergent” by veronica roth.  i tried it last year and couldn’t get into it.  but with the movie coming out and my love of distopian fiction, i gave it another chance.  i’m about a third through it, and i’m actually liking it.  it hasn’t grabbed me yet, but i’m going to finish it.  hopefully over spring break!  i also just ordered a book by my favorite mma fighter for my nonfiction book for march.

click for the link

(4)  i don’t know why this lip flip thing is so funny, but it makes me laugh so hard!  by the way, jimmy fallon is killing it on the tonight show.  i love him!

(FIVE)  i found this image on pinterest the other day.  i couldn’t ever find the original.  otherwise i would have bought the print if there was one.  i’ve always love this verse (1 corinthians 13: 4-7).  i made it the wallpaper on my phone to remind me of what love really is.


and congrats to skinny meg on the birth of her baby boy, aiden.  i’m excited to see the little guy grow and what megan is planning for her comeback!

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5 thoughts on “3.7 | high five for friday!

  1. That print is beautiful, and such a good reminder of truth! And it seems like students and teachers alike love Spring break! My brother and sister are on break this week and coming for a visit, so that’s fun.

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