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an open letter to sunscreen

(i obviously don’t have a lot to talk about since it is spring break and i’m not really doing much.  humor me.)

yesterday, i went out the the canyon for another good hike to the lighthouse.  it was a great time, but i realized about halfway through the hike that although i put sunscreen on my face, i forgot to put it on my body.




by the time i got home, i looked like this…


i am very fair skinned.  my heritage is scotch-irish so i don’t have a chance against the sun.  really, i probably shouldn’t be allowed outdoors for more than 15 minutes at a time.  to get a halfway tan in the summer requires many, many short trips outside to build up to maybe an hour.  all the while, i’m wearing sunscreen, especially on my face.  i even had to get some spots removed from my back a few years ago because the doctor thought they could be pre-cancerous.  (fun fact: they cut deep and i still get little shocks every once in awhile, which is what the doctor told me is my nerves rewiring.  it’s weird.)

bottom line: me and the sun don’t really go together.  so here it goes… my open letter of apology to sunscreen.

dear sunscreen,

i missed you yesterday.  the winter distracted me from our close relationship with you.  the sun burned the hell out of me.  i’m in pain.  i’ve learned my lesson.  i know how much i need you.

i don’t know why i thought i could face that big, mean sun without you.  i love the sun.  it treated me well when i was a kid and rewarded me with a gorgeous tan each summer.  but our relationship has changed.  it doesn’t respect me or love me in the way that it loves other people.  it treats me badly.  i need to stop trying to go back to it.

we’re a pair, you and i.  i should never have forgotten you.  you protect me.  you stick around even when i try to wash you off in the pool.  even though I get made fun of on a regular basis for whipping a bottle of you out of my bag or for my pasty white skin, i should have respected you and included you in my fun day.  i won’t make that mistake again, friend.

love, taylor

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