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3.14 | high five for friday!

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(ONE)  spring break was great!  i had some really fun moments!  and i actually got some stuff done.  not as much as i though i would, but isn’t that always how it works out?  a haircut and color, some spring cleaning, a little hangout time with my friends, and there’s a ufc fight tomorrow night.  for once, a great, relaxing break.

(2)  i kept up with my fitness and food all week.  i got outdoors some too.  i went hiking on monday and played some “tennis” on thursday.  (the quotation marks are there on purpose.  i’m terrible, but i try really hard!)  good thing we left the canyon early on monday because there was a wildfire out there. i would have gotten even more burned that i already got by the sun!

hiking in the canyon with my bff, kat


(three)  i tried out a vegan recipe…on purpose.  i don’t eat a ton of meat, but i don’t think i’ll ever go vegan.  i think i just wanted to try it as a challenge.  i had an overripe banana and found a recipe on pinterest for chocolate chip cookies.  why not, right?  so i tried it out.  surprisingly, they were really good!  i had a couple that night and then stashed the rest in my freezer for later.


(4)  i finished several books this week and started some more.  finished: “slim for life” (finally!) and “divergent”.  started: “the way of the fight” and “master your metabolism”.  i also got my new women’s health magazine, my new fave magazine.

(FIVE)  i actually went shopping for the first time in months.  i felt good about myself after getting a few compliments from friends and family and for once my inner fat girl shut the hell up.  i got some really cute things for spring at loft and gap.  those are definitely my go-to stores.  i also found a scarf and cute baseball shirt that says “shut the front door” on  i couldn’t resist! 🙂

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