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teaching tip 38. boys are perverted.

i can’t tell you how many times i or another student have said something and i hear a whisper across the room…”that’s what she said”.  i’ve seen plenty of colorful drawings.  i’ve taken up lots of notes being passed between students.

i used to get so embarrassed when they would giggle at something they heard wrong or worse, take it and run with it.  i had no idea how to deal with it.  i would blush and get flustered.  if it was a real issue, i would give out a detention or another punishment.

now, i’ve heard and seen it all.  and when i don’t know what it is, that’s remedied with a little search on urbandictionary.com.  although that’s not always positive.  i’ve learned a few things that i didn’t want to know…

no matter their age, boys are perverted.  they will take one little thing that someone says or does and twist it into something bad for their own amusement.  this is nothing new.  it’s probably been going on since the beginning of time, right?  but there are a few things you can do to help yourself:

  • ignore it – there will be many times when you just close your ears to it.  if you tried to police every infraction, you’d spend all your time doing that.
  • brush it off – let it go and move on.  don’t bring it up again and get back to work.  chances are, they’ll forget about it too.
  • laugh at it – sometimes, their comments and actions are just plain funny.  there are moments when i bust out laughing during class, but i try to save it for my teacher friends after school or at lunch.  we have enough stories to fill a hundred books.
  • report it – if it really is a serious thing, which has also happened to me, go straight to your principal.  tell him or her exactly what happened.  work with your principal (and your union if needed) to take the necessary actions.


One thought on “teaching tip 38. boys are perverted.

  1. A great and direct piece of information. Hats off to the author for gathering so specific and spot on information.
    the applause in the comments do the justice. Great piece of information.

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