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WOW 3.19 – “slim for life”

workout wednesday with tattooedteacherintexas and hosted by skinnymeg!

i finished “slim for life” this past weekend.  it was fantastic.  it’s good for beginners, but i enjoyed it because it reminded me of some things that i need to be doing that i have just kind of forgot about.  it’s super easy to read too.  it’s set up in different sections with a collection of tips in each section.  i’ve moved on to “master your metabolism” now, and i’m struggling with it a bit because it’s very science-y. but i’m sticking with it and learning a ton.  “slim for life” is not like that at all.  it’s all very relatable and easy to understand.  i recommend it!

click for the link

last week, i had some extra time with it being spring break and all.  i did do my scheduled two-a-days, but i think by the end of the week i realized that i was pushing too hard.  i was extremely tired and sore all over.  i don’t think i was eating enough calories to support two workouts a day either.  just another lesson, i guess.  if i do that again, which i think i will, i will do it differently.  i will definitely rethink my workout schedule and up my calorie count some.  but, overall i’m not disappointed with how things went.  i kicked some serious ass.  i didn’t lose any weight, but i definitely know that i committed to it and followed through with all that i had.  i can’t be disappointed with that.

i think we’re all aware that i’m a fan of jillian by now.  but i really do love this workout!  it is all core based, but there are no traditional crunches or anything like that.  it’s about 35 minutes with a warm-up, a long circuit repeated once, and a cool down.  now that i’ve tried this workout, i might actually buy the whole dvd.  but i should probably wear out the ones i just bought first.  “one week shred” dvd review is coming soon!

{note: skinny meg is taking a well-deserved break.  that girl rocked her way though her pregnancy and inspired us all.  she is now home with her new baby.  i’m excited for her to be back at it, but it’s time for some maternity leave from WOW for her.  still, i’m just going to try to keep up with my own WOW posts to keep myself accountable and reflective on how i’m doing!}

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