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what is real “fitspiration”?

there’s so much crap out there, mainly on pinterest and instagram, that is supposed to be inspirational to your health goals.  but i’ve found that most of it is not anywhere close to that.

there are pictures (stylized, perfectly lighted, photoshopped pictures!) that show what women (and men, to be fair) are supposed to aspire to along with a catchy saying or quote.

but the thing is that they are not attainable for most of us.  the women in those pictures are professionals who stick to a strict diet and exercise regime close to the photoshoot.  that’s probably their job.  their full-time job.  

i recently read a blog post by a fitness model.  she showed pictures of herself from the same day.  some of the pictures were of her working as a model, flexing her muscles and walking from flattering viewpoints.  other pictures showed her real self between the shots and runway walks.  she demonstrated her real stomach and her very real cellulite.  i thought it was so refreshing and it also put things in perspective for me.  {click HERE to read the blog post.}

most of us don’t have that kind of time, level of dedication, or education to pull that off.  not that we should.

and then there’s the before and after pics…  some of them are real, and that’s great.  i’m always interested in those.  the ones that i hate are the pictures that either show NO change AT ALL or display a very short time period.  what is the point?  to promote a product?  to give women something that they might reach but won’t maintain?  that seems deceitful and dangerous to women emotionally, financially, and physically.


maybe i’m just skeptical now.  and maybe that’s not a bad thing.

here are some positive “fitspiration” pics i’ve found lately that are actually inspiring and encouraging to me.  i don’t need a bunch of pictures of fitness models (side note: why are they always leaning against a wall holding a barbell?) to give me encouragement.  i need positive images and words to give me a little push.  but ultimately, i’m coming to find that getting healthy doesn’t have much to do with pictures or quotes.  it has to do with me, inside and out, putting in the time that i can and doing the work.








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5 thoughts on “what is real “fitspiration”?

  1. I LOVE this. I feel the same way- I mean a lot of these fitness models are full-time FITNESS models, not full-time teachers who are trying to get healthy, and it’s hard not to compare our bodies to them when it is everywhere. Thanks for sharing these really positive ones, will be pinning (:

  2. This is the kind of positive reinforcement people deserve and is gender neutral topic.
    It is admirable that people want to look after there body and better themselves but there is a untold and misguided side that people need to be made aware about.
    Education is key and more people posting articles like these will help.

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