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3.21 | high five for friday!

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(ONE)  my five favorite objects of the week: this peanut butter (mmmm!), a new vera bag, a favorite jillian dvd, some new non-fiction reads, and a rediscovered moisturizer.


(2)  i went to a workshop for two days this week.  it was on special ed inclusion in schools.  i re-learned a ton of information and had some great conversation with the teachers i attended the workshop with from my school.  one of the things that i love workshops about workshops is that i get to be a little nerdy all out in the open. 20140320-165444.jpg

(three)  i got my birchbox this past weekend.  so here’s my quick review of my box…

  • the perfume was very old ladyish and busted in the box during shipping.
  • the tinted matte moisturizer is actually a sunscreen.  i might actually order some of it.  it feels and looks so good on my skin.
  • the night cream smells really good and absorbs well.
  • the whitening toothpaste is fine but not something i would order.
  • the bb body cream is intriguing.  i just can’t tell a difference between it and regular lotion.  but as a lotion, it is good.20140320-162153.jpg

(4)  my food and fitness have both been right on point this week.  i don’t want this to sound conceited or anything, but i’m kind of impressed with my level of dedication right now.  i am on a streak!  and i’m loving it.  summer will be here before we know it, and i’m feeling better and better each day.

i rewarded myself with some new sneaks this week! i love the colors, and they’re super comfy.

(FIVE)  my luca has been super adorable this week.  enjoy the cuteness.



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12 thoughts on “3.21 | high five for friday!

  1. Found you through Lauren’s link up! Congrats on the working out and dedication….it’s not bragging! It’s hard for me to follow through with exercise. I need to work on that. Have a great weekend.

  2. That Luster Now whitening tooth paste will stain fabrics blue. I dripped a little on my white bathmat while brushing and I now have a blue spot. Seems to get better with each wash, just FYI.

  3. You are winning this week! I love PB2…I haven’t tried the other ones that I see at GNC and Vitamin Shoppe. I love the PB2 with bananas. Mostly love Jillian…I saw her on her tour. She makes a lot of sense. Like anything, you have to take it with a grain of salt. I’m glad you enjoyed the workshop. The last PD I enjoyed was the NCTE conference. Loved it! Now, I’m taking online classes for my own PD…my district is dropping the ball. Have a great weekend!

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