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teaching tip 39. use youtube.

i hope that youtube is not blocked at your school for teachers.  i’ve come to find that it’s an awesome resource.  there is so much out there for all grade levels and subjects.  i also use prezi pretty much every day, and it is so easy to embed youtube videos into them.

youtube gives you the opportunity to play a short (or long) clip to add a little umph to your lesson.  it’s great for engagements at the beginning or middle of a lesson.  also, kids these days are very visual and it helps them understand concepts.

here are a few of my favorite channels for social studies:

  • crash course – this channel has 10-15 minute long videos on history, science, literature, and psychology hosted by john green who is not only funny and endearing but incredibly smart.  i use these particularly in my pre-ap world history class.
  • mental floss – this channel has short videos on random topics.  good for introducing topics.
  • khan academy – this channel has great stuff for math, but i use it for economics topics.  it is super helpful if a student has been absent or needs reteaching.
  • ted-ed – a ted channel geared toward students.  the videos have amazing graphics and tell the stories well. and if you go to the ted-ed website, there are lesson materials available too.
  • hip hughes history – this channel has a ton of good history and government videos from an actual teacher.  he talks fast and is kind of dorky but is effective.
  • biography – this channel has short bios from the biography channel.  super useful for hitting certain people in history.
  • u.s. holocaust memorial museum – great documentaries on world war ii and the holocaust.  check their website for lesson materials too.
  • dan izzo – this channel has lots of very short videos that include primary sources.
  • smithsonian – these are higher level but great videos on exhibits in the smithsonian natural history museum.
  • u.s. national archives – similar to the smithsonian with videos based on their exhibits.

these are not youtube channels, but you may also want to check out these documentary sites with videos:

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