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WOW 3.26 – HIIT and core workout

i got a little off track this past weekend.  i was exhausted and chose to go out twice.  yeah, i had my fun, but i also paid for it!  haha!


on monday, i went to the grocery store and got all my food for the week.  i prepped on monday and tuesday evening for the week.  that seems to help me a lot, to be prepared.  i haven’t really been planning out my workouts each week lately, but i’ve been shooting for 45 minutes of fitness each day.  that seems to be working right now.  i’m loving my jillian workout dvds, but i like mixing it up with some youtube videos from fitness blender (see the one below) and tone it up.  i get bored so this is what is working for me currently.  i’m sure in a few weeks it will be completely different!

i’m very curious about my march measurements.   i think i’ll take them on sunday so i don’t have to get up even earlier on a school day to write the post. (i already get up at 5:15 am and usually schedule all my posts.)  i feel like i’ve done well and my clothes are fitting better.  i have one pair of pants that i bought about six months ago that i have hanging up in my bedroom.  i see them every day.  i try them on every week or so, and i can almost fit into them.  it’s been kind of good motivation for me.

this 45 min core and HIIT workout is a great combo workout.  there is a warmup and cool down included.  there are two sections.  the first section is all core with 15 intervals, 50 seconds on, 10 seconds off.  the second section is HIIT with 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off, 4x for each exercise.  it is a tough one, but if you can get past the core workout, you can do it!

{note: skinny meg is taking a well-deserved break. that girl rocked her way though her pregnancy and inspired us all. she is now home with her new baby. i’m excited for her to be back at it, but she has several more weeks of well deserved maternity leave.. still, i’m just keeping up with my own WOW posts to keep myself accountable and reflect on how i’m doing!}

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