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like a toddler, my favorite question is “why?”

curious quoteearlier this week, my pre-ap world history class was discussing imperialism.  we started with a brief discussion about hawaii and how the US got it.  they all agreed that it was justified.  and then one student popped up and said, “it’s too important. we had to take it.”

i took my opening.  i asked him –  “is that what president putin says?  ‘crimea was too important.  who cares about the ukraine.  we had to take it.'”

he face-palmed and groaned.

i started laughing.  we have been discussing some current events lately, and they’re aware of the situation in russia and the ukraine.

he said, “i hate it when you do that.  you twist my words and make them sound bad.  you make me question everything i say.”

and my first thought was…yes.  i love it!

i like to mess with my students’ minds.  i like them to get frustrated and force them to say what they believe.  i will ask “why?” fifteen times if i need to for them to give me the correct answer.  they hate it, of course.  i enjoy every second.

i’m a deeply curious person.  i don’t know how many why questions i ask a day, but it has to be a ton.  i have probably done a million google searches in my lifetime.  i always want to know more.

i want the same for my kids.  i want them to question what they think.  i want them to have and then change their opinions into what they really believe.  i want them to grow into young, informed adults.  i know i’m not really making a dent in the world as a whole, but the least i can do is try to get as many face-palms as possible.

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