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measurements and goals | april 2014



i feel that i stayed really focused in march.  i did great over spring break on my “spring fix”, but may have over done it a little bit. i fixed that situation quickly the next week.  other than that, i think i did really well this past month.  i stayed motivated and tried to let my slip-ups go.  i gave up on my plank challenge because my wrist is acting up and because i kept forgetting to do it.  i don’t feel bad about that though.  i’m doing other good things to challenge myself.

i began counting calories during spring break (mid march), and that gave me a good idea of what i was eating each day.   it wasn’t fueling my workouts, which i realized when i went back to school the next week.  i then discovered that i was eating too many calories so i have cut back a little bit.  but not too much.  i know that i’m doing good, consistent workouts, and i need to fuel them.  i’m now shooting for around 1600-1800 calories each day with 4-6 workouts a week.  if i eat any less than that i feel like crap and am super angry about it.

here’s my measurements from april 1st:


here are the changes in inches from february to march:

  • chest = -1
  • bust = 0
  • waist = 0
  • arms = -.5
  • midway = -1
  • hips = 0
  • thighs = 0
  • knees = +.5

*i use the measurement chart from this post.

*february 2014 measurements and goals

*january 2014 measurements and goals

*march 2014 measurements and goals

overall, i’m satisfied with my march progress. of course i’d like to see the scale move, but the pounds don’t mean so much if i lose inches.  progress is progress no matter how slow.


1.  to lose an inch around my midsection and tone it up more.

2.  to only weigh once a week.  (this will be surprisingly hard for me.  i think i’ll put my scale in the bathroom cabinet so it’s not so hard to just step on it each morning.)

3.  to focus on getting healthy and not skinny.  (see number 1 and 2.)

4.  to continue to stay focused on my personal mantra daily.  (if you’re interested in why and how i choose this personal mantra, check out this post)


5.  to continue to remember this quote…


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