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WOW 4.2 – upper body strength workout

i messed up some this past weekend, but i got back on track immediately.  i am somewhat excited by my recent measurements.  no, there wasn’t a ton of change, but there was some!  and i’ll take it!  i’ve gotten a couple of compliments in the past couple weeks and that’s nice too.

i’ve been reading “master your metabolism” by jillian michaels.  i’ve been taking notes as i read so that i can soak in the information.  some of it is still way over my head, but i’m learning a lot.  one of the first things i wrote down was “the entire journey to health is about power.”  she goes on to say that you can give up your power by failing to make the necessary changes OR you can claim your power by learning how to make it happen.

that info really resonated with me.  the fact is that the average american woman has tried to lose weight at least ten times.  i’m definitely counted in that number.  but this is the first time that i’ve done it the right way, the healthy way.  this is the first time that i’ve done the correct research and actually absorbed it.  the first time that i’ve been consistently working toward my goals.  and that makes me feel powerful.  it pushes me forward and keeps me going.  it gives me more confidence each day.  so i’m curious about the rest of the book.  it’s slow going, like i said, but it’s great information. this 35 minute workout is purely an upper body strength workout.  there’s no cardio involved, but this workout definitely pushes your muscles to the limit.  i’ve been trying to focus more on strength training.  there is not a warmup or cool down in this workout so be sure to do some dynamic stretching before you attempt this workout.  i like to do this workout and then a quick bootcamp circuit to finish.

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