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the ol’ bucket list

several years i started writing all of these things down, marking some off and adding more.  i don’t expect to do all of them in my lifetime, but i like to think about it and actually go after some of them.  i will come back and mark things off when they are complete.

travel to Scotland (the motherland!)

get married and have children

take a painting class

zipline in the rainforest (or any forest)

take a spin class

tie dye something

go to the MOMA

drive Route 66

watch the Beatles “Love” show in Vegas

write my name in wet cement

climb the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

go on a rafting trip in Colorado

get a curly hair dry cut at the Deva Curl salon in NYC

do a solo road trip  (you can read about it HERE)

take a cooking class

pet a tiger

get a Beatles tattoo  (for more info, click HERE)

climb a mountain over 14,000 ft.

take a dance class

eat Pad Thai in Thailand

attend a black tie event

visit Dollywood (i drove past it last summer but didn’t get the chance to stop.)

go on a mission trip for a really great cause

go to the drive-in theater

bar hop on 6th street in Austin  (i attempted to when i was 18 but that didn’t work out very well…)

go to a UFC fight (attended UFC 150 in Denver two summers ago – amazing!)

hug a lion

soak in a geothermal lake in Iceland

buy something at Tiffany’s

own a pair of very expensive shoes (like over $500 – i love shoes.)

be an extra in a movie

see a show on broadway in NYC

buy a macbook

write a book

be in the studio audience of a late night show (maybe Chelsea Lately or Jimmy Fallon?)

meet Harper Lee (that’s going to be a tough one!)

fly first class

buy a house

hike up to machu picchu in peru

take a trip with my youngest sister

drink a beer in an Irish pub…in Ireland

throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain

go to the Olympics and watch all of the swimming events

ride an Icelandic horse in Iceland

see Paul McCartney in concert

have Martha Stewart teach me how to bake a cake her way

go on a safari in Africa

go to the Texas State Fair and eat something weird fried  (fried Thanksgiving dinner balls anyone?)

curtsy in front of the Queen (or Princess Kate) and give her flowers

hike down into the Grand Canyon

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