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4.4 | high five for friday!

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(ONE)  by some miracle, i didn’t cheat on my food or fitness all week.   i took my april measurements on tuesday with mixed results.  but i’m not letting that define my work.  it’s more that what i make my body do each day.  it’s more than what i put in my mouth.  it’s about all the changes i’m making no matter how slow the progress. 20140401-204651.jpg

(2)  i saw this thing posted this week.  i love the idea of this collaboration.  i love music, and i’m excited when people mix it up.  (my cousin and i even talked about songwriting together soon!)  plus anything on cmt entertains me.  sometimes it’s for the right reasons like this collab and sometimes it’s for the wrong reasons like terrible music videos and reality shows.


(three)  i had a stomach ache on tuesday, didn’t want to eat anything, and just felt crappy at school.  so the next day at lunch, one teacher was giving us an update on her pregnancy.  the one guy that eats with us instantly asked me “so…are you pregnant?”  i said “no, of course not”.  he asked me if i was sure.  i accused him of calling me a whore or something like that, and we all laughed about it.  about an hour later, he sends me this email.  i laughed so freaking hard.  i passed him later in the hall and he asked about the baby.  i wouldn’t let too many people get away with making fun of me like that, but he’s one of them.

(4)  this image off pinterest made me laugh out loud and for longer than it should have.  i know it’s dorky, but every time i thought about it this week, i started laughing again.  what can i say, i love corny jokes. 20140401-204520.jpg

(FIVE)  i had some great conversations this week and some tough ones.  we never know what the future holds but i’m beginning to really understand that if we can be silly, honest, and kind we have a chance at happiness each day.  the person who shows me that all the time is my niece lylli.  she is always silly, really honest, and very kind.


my niece showed me her luke bryan “Facebook” this week. it was literally a little book with pics of luke bryan’s face. made me laugh. a lot.

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