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10 things…i thought during the Academy of Country Music Awards

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1. all that confetti in the opening number REALLY pissed off some of those women in the front rows.  their faces… 🙂

2.  that lee brice is a class act.  he pushed the songwriters to the mic to accept the song award.  and that song is amazing and deserved the award.

3.  the douchiness of florida georgia line.  3 terrible wardrobe changes, 3 shitty performances, so much fire, and fumbled lines during an award announcement.  i. can’t. handle. it.

4.  keith urban still looks like a lesbian or as my cousin texted me – ellen’s jacked up sister.  seriously, dude.  get a man makeover.

5.  taylor swift didn’t try to take over the show with her shenanigans.  and her outfit was so cute and understated.

6.  you can really tell which singers use auto tune when you make them sing live.  i’m talking to you, jason aldean and tim mcgraw!

7.  luke bryan has the legs of a woman.  total thunder thighs.  stop with the skinny jeans.  it’s not a good look, girl!

8.  there were some great performances.  eric church is amazing, and i’m a converted fan.  george strait still has it.  and he always will. ❤

9.  are we ever going to see the second brother’s face in the band perry?  move that hair, boy!

10.  george and miranda’s tribute to merle haggard was great.  i love them both, but what i love most is that they didn’t stray too far from the original music.

7 thoughts on “10 things…i thought during the Academy of Country Music Awards

  1. I don’t want to start anything at all but all acts were amazing! I don’t know if you are a country music fan but we stick together and support the artists. Luke… well any country fan knows he rocks those jeans, especially when he shakes it! And he certantly doesn’t have girl legs! Keith.. well, he doesn’t in my opinion. FGL… their act was amazing also and they probably fumbled over their words because of being shocked and at a loss of words.

    Please don’t hate on country music. If you don’t like us, don’t listen or pay attention to us.

    1. please don’t think that i hate country music. i grew up with it and i love it. it has definitely changed though. i actually have a few friends who are recording artists so i think maybe i have a different perspective than other people. i was just having a little fun with it. try not to take it too seriously. 🙂

      1. You scared me for a moment! I was really mad though! Thanks for clearing it up! 🙂 But you have to admit…. Luke does rock those skinny jeans!! ❤


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