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WOW 4.9 – butt and thigh cardio workout


this week has been super tough so far. i caught a cold that has been kicking my ass since last week.  i didn’t workout at all over the weekend and pretty much camped out in my bed for most of it.  i struggled monday.  so i compromised and found a strength workout to do that wouldn’t suck the air out of me.  i’ve got some catching up to do, but i think the rest did me some good.  i still have a cough and some stuffiness, but it’s so much better.  i also food prepped on monday evening.  yes, it’s a pain, but it makes the week so much easier.

i actually went shopping on monday.  i didn’t buy anything, but i tried on quite a few things.  for me, that’s big.  i usually look online first and then just target a few things in the store, get discouraged, and leave feeling sorry for myself.  i was patient, but i just couldn’t find anything that i just had to have.  i might try again this weekend.  i’ve been on the lookout for a new dress for my cousin’s wedding in may.  i found a few black dresses, but i refuse to wear black.  it will be may.  summer will be around the corner.  i will be wearing something other than black (but not white, right? :).  so maybe things are really getting better for me in the area of shopping confidence.

never get discouraged

this fitness blender workout is 56 minutes long.  don’t let the title deceive you.  yes, it will work your lower body, but it is total body.  and this thing never stops.  it’s exhausting but worth it.  a warmup and cool down are included so you don’t have to worry about that.  when i tried it the other day, i did pause it once in the middle for a brief break.  it’s pretty tough.  be prepared!

2 thoughts on “WOW 4.9 – butt and thigh cardio workout

  1. OMG 56 minutes of Fitness Blender sounds killer! I’m on the strugglebus to find good dresses for spring weddings too..can’t make myself try on anything but dark colors! summer where aaaree you?

    I’m co-hosting a link up today come join us!

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