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if it makes you feel better…do it?

the other day, i was having a conversation with a friend about plastic surgery.  she told me her cousin had gotten a boob job that morning.  she was getting play-by-play pictures and cringing at each update.  she explained the reasoning behind the surgery.  to get a man.  her mom even paid for half of the expensive procedure and encouraged her to go “bigger”.

i find this kind of funny considering my own mother encouraged my sister for years to get a breast reduction before she actually did it.  it was scary and such a big change!  but she will say that it’s one of the best decisions she’s ever made.  if i asked her why someone would choose to enlarge their boobs, she’d probably have a hard time coming up with some reasons.

but people do it.  i have another friend who has actually done it.  she is very thin and never had boobs at all.  but she talked about doing it for years.  she planned and saved for the surgery.  she was happy as could be with them and never looked back. she would say it’s one of the best decisions she ever made.

i don’t know if i could really do it, the surgery part at least.  i know at some point i will reach a crossroads at which i can no longer change my body without either drastic food/fitness changes or surgery.  i don’t really want to do either of those things again.  or ever.

i’m not going to lie… if i can afford it, i will totally get some injections in my face way down the road.  wrinkles be gone!  but we all know that’s a temporary fix for a permanent issue.  and there will always be things that i want to change about myself whether it’s major or minor.  but, “vanity surgery”?  i don’t think i have the guts to do that.  i definitely don’t have the money. i’ve never even had anything more than wisdom teeth removal done.  surgery scares me.  and maintenance surgeries are even more scary.  think of the bills!

i guess surgery (or any other physically-altering activity) is a personal issue for everyone.  but there has to be a difference between a nose job or breast reduction versus a boob job or lipo, right?  or does it just come down to – if it makes you feel better, do it?

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