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what would you write on your brick?

i’ve been reading a biography of one of my favorite mma fighters, georges st. pierre.  he tells a story about a fight at the beginning of his career.  he lost.  he was caught with his guard down and he lost.

he was really frustrated with it after afterwards, so much so that it interfered with his training and focus.  his coach noticed right away and told him that he could see the effects of the frustration and anger in his body.  he said to him that he needed to get over it or do something about it.  his coach suggested that he physically carry his anger…in the form of a brick.

his coach gave him a brick, and georges wrote the fighter’s name on it.  he carried the brick around with him everywhere for weeks.  he didn’t care if he looked crazy.  he just did it.

finally, his next fight was announced, and he began focusing this new challenge instead of the fighter that beat him.  he began to forget about that brick…and the man, anger, and disappointment attached to it.  one night, he took the brick and threw it in the river.  and he moved on.

it’s a straightforward story and a simple concept.  it covered just a few pages of paper.  but it made me think…what would i write on my brick?

what would you write on your brick?

the scale (for constantly reminding me of that stupid number and my physical shortcomings)

past church experiences (for making me feel jaded toward the church but not toward my spirituality)

alcohol (for the effects on lots of people i love)

rejection (for holding me back in my relationships)

what would you write on your brick?

leave your comments below. i'd love to hear from you!

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