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WOW 4.16 – cardio + lower body toning

20140409-184238.jpg i’m still a little sick with my cold, but it is SO much better than last week.  my food/eating has been really good.  i’ve only treated myself a few times.  i’m still counting calories and have moved my max calories per day down just a tad to see if i can jumpstart anything.  i’m just doing a little experimentation.  if i don’t see any changes after a few weeks of that, i’m going to start messing with my carbs vs. protein vs. fats ratios.  (that just sounds so tedious!!!)  i have an event coming up that is giving me some motivation to step everything up.  and just this week, i fit into a pair of banana republic pants that i’ve been waiting to wear again for months.  that’s kind of exciting.  little victories, right?

a huge part

i’m also working hard on my fitness.  last week, i alternated harder workouts with “easier” workouts.  it seemed to work well for me.  i had some variation in activity and intensity.  unfortunately, i have hurt my wrist again.  it has been super sore lately, and i had some shooting pains down into my hand this past weekend.  so i made the decision to finally go to the doctor.  i hate to do it, but i know it’s necessary.  it’s holding me back in my fitness and it hurts like hell.  it’s time to take care of it and find out what’s wrong.  i have an appointment on friday.  until then, i’m modifying my exercises, slowing down, using less weight, and avoiding pressure on my palm (i.e. planks, full burpees, down dog for too long, etc.).

workout schedule for last week.

this 44 minute workout has six circuits.  each circuit has two exercises, one cardio and one lower body toning.  they are done in a tabata format (20 seconds on, 10 seconds off).  each circuit is repeated once.  there is a brief warmup and a yoga-inspired cool down.  this is a great workout for days when you want to do both strength and cardio training.  the tabata is tiring but effective.

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