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4.18 | high five for friday!


(ONE)  i have worked hard this week and stayed on track with my food/fitness.  so far this month, i have lost two pounds.  this is after nearly two months of nothing happening.  finally i am seeing some progress!  and that’s encouraging. IMG_0375 (2)  i am going to attempt to buy paul mccartney tickets next week.  there’s a concert this summer not too far from where i live.  i could not be more excited.  it’s not a sure thing, but i’m hoping it is!  wish me luck!  🙂 paul mccartney (three)  i got my birchbox yesterday.  i was kind of disappointed because for the second time in a row, something busted open during shipping.  ugh.  this time it was shampoo.  luckily, i only lost a little bit of the actual product, but i had to wash off two other things in the box.  i’m excited about the CC cream and the shampoo.  the KIND bar will most definitely get eaten very soon. 20140417-172718.jpg (4) i am going to try some new middle eastern recipes this weekend.  i love cooking, and it’s been more challenging since i’ve changed my lifestyle.  so when i found these recipes in my new women’s health magazine, i got excited.  it was quite the ordeal to track down all the ingredients.  i had to go to four different stores!  but i have everything ready now.  i am looking forward to spending a few hours this weekend experimenting with the new recipes and flavors. 20140417-172727.jpg (FIVE)  and last but certainly not least… even with all of the craziness in the world, i hope everyone has a renewing, peaceful, and HaPpY eAsTeR!


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