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a book that changed my life: “to kill a mockingbird”


i’m a big supporter of rereading books.  there are about five books that i reread over and over again.  “to kill a mockingbird” is definitely one of them.  i’m starting it over today.

i think the first time that i read this book was in high school.  i didn’t allow myself to be immersed in the story because i’m stubborn and was being “forced” to read it.  but i remember for years after, i would see it and think about it.  throughout college, i worked in a bookstore.  i decided one day to pick it up and read it again.  i was hooked.  i now reread this amazing book every couple of years.  it touches me in a different way each time.  there are so many elements that i love. to kill a mockingbird 6

to kill a mockingbird 4 usually, i require a story to have a happy ending.  tied up in a nice little bow.  but for some reason, i give this book a pass every time.  and whenever the film is on the turner classic movies channel, i have to watch it.  the characters are perfect.  i find myself in scout and jim.  i see atticus in many of the men in my life.  it is simply a beautiful story.  it’s not perfect.  it’s real and meaningful. to kill a mockingbird 2 eventually, i would like to get a “to kill a mockingbird” tattoo.  something simple and meaningful. to kill a mockingbird 5 and when i’m having a bad day, i always remember… “things are always better in the morning.”

6 thoughts on “a book that changed my life: “to kill a mockingbird”

  1. Such great quotes & excerpts! I know what you mean about not liking a book on principle if it’s been assigned. I have a copy of To Kill a Mockingbird- and several other classics, actually- that I picked up at a thrift store- time to open it up again!

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