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WOW 4.23 – injury, sminjury.


i’ve talked about my wrist (affectionately called “my bum wrist”) before.  since last summer it has been “sore”.  i just thought it was tendonitis or something caused by a failed plank challenge and continued strenuous workouts.  for months, i just pushed the pain and irritation out of my mind.  i told myself that i was fine.  turns out i was wrong.

i went to the doctor last friday because i was fed up.  i had pain traveling down into my hand and up my arm.  i just knew something was wrong.  yet, i still convinced myself that it was just tendonitis or carpel tunnel.  nope.  it was a fracture.

now i have to wear an ugly brace on my arm for at least 7-10 days.  i’m headed for an MRI tomorrow afternoon to see the extent of the damage.  i’m hoping it’s just minor.  also, i cannot put any pressure on my wrist for at least a month.


when my doctor looked at my x-ray and explained what he saw, my heart sank.  i have worked so hard on my fitness in the past few months.  i’ve been so dedicated and focused.  i’m proud of the results that i am just starting to experience.  and now i am faced with a major setback.

luca being adorable and comforting as usual.

because of the physical limitations, i am going to have to seriously rethink my fitness plans.  i know i’m going to have to shift my focus to my lower body and cardio.  my doctor said that i can continue to workout as long as it doesn’t affect my wrist.  he said no pressure, no punches, and “nothing that hurts”.


this experience is going to be challenging on me physically and mentally.  i have rediscovered my favorite dvd – cardio abs – and my zumba wii games.  throughout the next few weeks, i am going to have to think outside the box.  i’m going to have to slow down some.  i’m going to have to accept that this is just how it is for awhile.  i also have to come to terms with my limitations and not try to fight them because i know that it will only make my recovery time longer.

and you know, it could be worse… it could have been my right arm.  it could have been my ankle.  it could have been a bad break.  it could have have most definitely have been worse.

my workout schedule last week.

this 40 minute lower body workout is an example of something i’m going to be doing in the next month.  it has a warmup and cool down included.  i’m definitely going to modify my workouts and the exercise, but i can still do most of what i want to.

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9 thoughts on “WOW 4.23 – injury, sminjury.

  1. Fitness Blender is my JAM.. just saying.

    Found you over at Fitness Blondie’s blog hop!

    Listen, at least you figured out about the injury NOW… and even though it will take time to get back up to speed, you seem to have a plan to keep yourself ACTIVE. And that’s truly important! Most people here “Injury” and they just STOP being ACTIVE. And that, my friend, is no bueno.

    I was training for my first 5k last November… and right before the race my leg (read from my knee to my toes) started to ache and get really stingy… I had to go to a doctor, and it turned out to be nothing other than my body saying, “You’re about to hurt yourself… push less”… And instead of running 4 days a week, like a BOSS (mind you.. all in my head)… I had to slow it down, and only do 2 days a week… And incorporate more strength.

    I learned that I loved strength training from that set back…
    SO maybe you’ll learn something about your body and new exercises it will LOVE!

    Come check me out:

  2. Came here from the blog hop 🙂

    I’ve been into exercise for several years now and have yet to face the dreaded injury (knock on wood!) So frustrating to want to work out but not be able to. Way to look at the positive as you did. It could be worse (it can always be worse, so that generally does NOT make me feel that much better!) My poor boy broke his foot right before basketball season started last year. Sloooow healing fracture, he was in a boot for FOUR months. It finally healed, and he played a few games and … he broke his foot (the other one). Another four months. But he’s back … in fact he’s playing a game tonight! You’ll be back too, and just work on what you can until then.

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