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kids these days…

cameron diaz said in a recent interview… I can’t see the future, but one thing I do know is that I’m not childless. I have a ton of children in my life. I can have a kid any second, if I want. All my friends would be like, ‘Sure, come and get them.'” 

i love this quote.  it’s how i feel sometimes.  yes, i want to be a mother, but it just hasn’t happened yet.  luckily, my friends are really open with sharing their kids.  so when they are proud, i’m proud.  when they are disappointed, i’m disappointed.  and when they worry, i worry.

one of my friends is dealing with her boys becoming teenagers.  understandably, she’s having a hard time.  there are so many things that kids have to deal with now, not to mention all of the new dimensions that technology creates in their lives.  luckily for her sons, she’s an amazing mom.  she watches out for them, checks their phones, and talks openly to them about the uncomfortable topics.  not all parents are like this.  in fact, i would speculate that she’s in the minority.

obviously, i’m not a mother so i don’t have a right to much of an opinion on this topic.  and i definitely don’t have any solutions.  but i have worked with teenagers for eight years now, and my friends’ kids are special to me.

i empathize with my parent friends.  it’s a scary world out there.  mistakes are more permanent than they used to be.  news travels at lightning speed.  the media is everywhere and so influential.  growing up happens way too fast.

roots and wings

i say sometimes that i would love to go back to college.  college was an amazing time.  i learned so much about myself during that time.  but high school?  middle school?  hell no.  especially at this time.  i was a holy terror to my parents.  i can’t imagine throwing in texting, snapchat, facebook, and instagram to that mess of a situation.

it’s just so different now.  that time in a kid’s life is hard enough, but now they’re facing a new and tougher world.  not only are they having to deal with all of the media influences and physical expectations, but they’re facing constantly changing technology and pressures from all sides.  i worry for them.  even though the present and future offers so many new opportunities and experiences, it’s definitely unfamiliar and strange.

2 thoughts on “kids these days…

  1. I cannot imagine what a nightmare – or more of a nightmare- I would have been had snapchat, smartphones, facebook been around when I was a teen. I thank my parents every day for sticking that period out with me! Your teens are lucky to have someone so empathetic towards them, I hate when people (especially teachers!) talk about how horrible teens these days are, how out of control they are…blah blah. Glad you’re a teacher!!

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