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4.25 | high five for friday!


(ONE)  i wrote last week about my quest for some very important concert tickets.  well…i got tickets to see paul mccartney in june!!!  i ordered them as soon as i could on monday morning, with some help from a lovely and kind friend at school.  my sister and i are going together.  both of us are huge beatles fans, and we are beyond excited! paul mccartney quote (2) last night, i made lemon cookies for cooking club.  such summery cookies.  they make me long for our summer break.  only a few weeks left!

yours probably won’t turn out like the real simple picture either, but click my pic for the link to the recipe.

(three)  i’m not letting my wrist injury get me down.  i still have had some great workouts this week although i had to make some major changes to my routine.  and although i messed up on my food over the weekend, i corrected on monday and did well all week.  i just have to stay motivated!

(4)  i actually bought a mini skirt a couple of weeks ago.  i haven’t worn it yet but plan on it this weekend.  since it’s navy with eyelet “stripes”, i’m wearing an off-white button down with anchors on it (front-tucked) and some sky high brown wedges.  i have always loved mini skirts because they show off my legs, one of the things about my body that i actually like.  but it does make me pause now that i’m older…  i’m gonna do it anyway!

forever 29

(FIVE)   this video cracks me up.  i love jimmy fallon and his spliced videos of brian williams make me laugh a whole lot.  it’s a good thing that he’s such good sport about it too!

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5 thoughts on “4.25 | high five for friday!

  1. Those lemon cookies sound yummy! Who cares if they don’t look just like the fancy picture as long as they taste good?

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