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WOW 4.30 – rediscovering awesome workouts


today was the first day without my wrist brace.  i still have a month before i can do anything with my wrist though.  it’s limiting, but i’m trying to stay motivated and positive about it.  yes, it’s frustrating though.  i want to push myself, especially after a lazy weekend.  but i have to stay focused on the future.  i don’t want to mess it up again.  i actually want it to heal this time.  it’s been almost a year.  i think it’s time.  😉

i’ve had to get creative with my workouts lately, which has been a good thing in a way.  so i’ve found some dvds and wii games that don’t require me to use my wrist in any way.  here are two of my faves:

zumba core wii game
click image for amazon link.

so one of the workouts i’ve rediscovered is zumba.  i have two of the wii games, zumba 2 and zumba core.  i like the core one better, but i do both.  there’s a new one that i probably need to get just to mix it up.  but what an amazing workout!  i usually choose the 45 minute one.  it’s all pretty much cardio, but hey – whatever works at this point.  i miss my strength training so much, but i’m going to have to be patient until i can get back to it.

cardio abs workout dvd
click link for amazon link.

i’ve also been doing one of my favorite workout dvds, cardio abs.  i was rifling through my dvd collection and i stumbled across it again.  each of the three workouts work your core but in different ways.  the first one is the cardio workout, the second is a total body toning workout, and the third is abs specific.  you can do more than one, but i usually only do one.  i like that jessica smith does the whole workout with you too.  she’s very encouraging.  plus the workouts are pretty short at about 30 minutes.  but it’s go-go-go from the beginning on each of them.  it’s exhausting, but SO good.

i’m taking my measurements tomorrow morning and i’m VERY curious.  i know that i’ve lost weight, but i’m not sure about my inches.  at this point, i just expect little to no change because that’s what i’ve experienced the past few months.  but i’m not sure!  i know that i’m fitting into some clothes that i haven’t been able to before.  i’ll let you know tomorrow…

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6 thoughts on “WOW 4.30 – rediscovering awesome workouts

  1. I love this. Some times you just got to go back to your comfort workouts.. the ones that made you happy!

    And, as for the “I have to take my measurements” “But I expect little to no results”

    Any half inch, centimeter, millimeter smaller is a SUCCESS.. you are doing more than others!

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