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5.2 | high five for friday!


(ONE) school was great this week, but i’m glad i have a workshop today.  it’s that time of the year…to feel like a slacker.  i did have a good laugh on tuesday with this certificate made by one of my seniors as an assignment in his computer class.  what’s funny is i went to see a band this past weekend and i’m going to see one tonight.  maybe that IS a correct description of me! 🙂

it says “for outstanding performance and lasting achievement on – teacher and rock groupie for following many bands over the years and touching many students’ lives”

(2my youngest sister sent me a letter this week to give me her half of the ticket money for the paul mccartney concert.  when i opened it, i laughed out loud.  this pretty much sums up our ridiculous, girly excitement about the concert.  and then she sends me this text yesterday.  my middle sister actually had skin biopsies done this week.  {send up a prayer for her, please!}  we come from a family of pasty white scotch-irish who sunburn so easily we use spf 100.  we really do have have no chance against the sun.  just for fun, here’s my open letter to sunscreen from a few weeks ago. 20140501-172844.jpg 20140501-171808.jpg (three)  i took my may measurements yesterday.  again, there wasn’t a ton of change, BUT i did lose an inch on my waist and four pounds!  i’m so excited.  after three months of basically no change, i find these differences so encouraging. 20140420-174216.jpg (4)  it hit me this week that i’m turning thirty this month.  i’ll admit it…i cried a little bit about it.  but i’m going to try not to let it get to me too much anymore.  it’s a number, right?  i think i need to stop being such a little bitch and embrace it. 20140501-172243.jpg

(FIVE)  i love the lip sync battles on jimmy fallon, but emma stone seriously brought it when she was on the show monday night.  she is amazing.  her performance is epic.

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6 thoughts on “5.2 | high five for friday!

  1. Happy birthday month!! It’s just a number though! and that onion meme. I just died. and the emma stone video. all of this is great!

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