teachin' school

teaching tip 43. say “thank you”.

this week is teacher appreciation week.  for these five days, people go out of their way to make us feel acknowledged and valued.  well…in the best way that they can.

to be honest, teachers are not very good at being “appreciated”.  it makes us uncomfortable.  we’re the ones who are giving, and it’s difficult to accept it for ourselves.  that doesn’t mean that we don’t love to hear and experience it though!  🙂

it’s during this week that i often think about all of the other people that help the school run, too.  please remember to also say “thank you” to:

  • secretaries – they get shit done.  but seriously, they make sure that everything runs smoothly.  they do the things that no one wants to do.  they juggle many different hats.  they deal with everyone, including cranky principals, angry parents, and unruly students.  they can never hide from their duties…and they make sure us teachers don’t either.
  • custodians – we couldn’t live without them.  they clean up everything under the sun without complaint.  they know how to fix everything.  make it a point to say thanks for everything you see them do.  you sure wouldn’t want their job, and they do it joyfully.
  • principals – we never really know what they do all day, do we?  but i know i wouldn’t want to do it.  deciphering data?  nope.  disciplining?  not for me.  balancing budgets?  nah.  give them a break.
  • fellow teachers – despite all the things that go on in our lives, we come to work and teach.  we put the kids first.  and most teachers will go out of their way to help you.  when they do, show them you’re grateful.  this can be with a little note in their box in the teacher workroom. it could be a piece of candy on their desk.  it could even be a funny email in the middle of the day.  bottom line…it doesn’t have to be a grand gesture.  to teachers, something small is often more meaningful anyway.
  • students – you’d be surprised what a little thank you does for students.  even if it’s just a quick note about how much you appreciate them taking care of their business.  or a little thanks for doing you a favor.  they don’t like to be called out, but i know they like to hear it too.

thank you

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