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WOW 5.7 – still trucking along…


even though i’m injured, i’ve been working out pretty consistently.  i started incorporating a teeny bit of arm stuff back in but it’s not much and i’m not using anything heavier than 3 pounds.  i’m definitely not doing anything that puts pressure on my wrist for the full 30 days.  but i’m just seeing how it goes and trying some other things.  the icing on the cake is that i twisted my ankle two weeks ago.  ugh.  it’s super annoying.  i can still workout, but it’s hindering what i can do.  i’m still trucking along though.  not going to let it keep me back.

i’ve been doing pretty well on my food.  i always seem to cheat a little (or sometimes a lot) on the weekend.  i did better this past weekend than lately.  that being said…bad food makes me feel bad.  that’s a lesson i can’t seem to learn.

since i’ve been having to modify my workouts, i’ve been trying out some new (and some old) things.  i just picked something off youtube yesterday.  i have been pretty judgmental about “walking workouts” in the past, like they’re not “real” workouts.  but no more!  this 40 minute flat abs walking workout was pretty hard!  i enjoyed it though.  it was different from what i’ve been doing, but still got my heartrate up and got me sweating!  i followed it up with a little stability ball abs.

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