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happy mother’s day and birthday to my mama.

my mama’s birthday always falls close to or on mother’s day every year.  i try to separate them, but they always seem to run together.  and maybe that’s not a bad thing.  it’s two important events about my mom at the same time.  it always makes me think about our relationship.  and i am so grateful to have her.

my mama was young when she had me.  she’s told me how difficult it was and also how fun.  i didn’t make it easy for her over the years.  at one point, she sought help from a book called “the strong willed child”.  i’ve always been independent and sometimes i pushed away from her.  but she was always there for me….even through my teenage years.  i grew older and matured.  i understood all of the sacrifices she made for me.  i realized that she was an amazing mother.  and she waited patently until we actually became friends when i was in my twenties.

my beautiful mother on her wedding day to my foxy dad.
on another one of our camping adventures.
clockwise from top left: newborn me with my parents / me in the corner for being a “strong willed child” / my sisters and i on an adventure in utah one summer / my mama being silly and making me laugh.
all of the family together at my sister’s wedding, december 2011

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