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teaching tip 44. stay motivated through to the end.



there are only three weeks of school left.  if you’re just starting out teaching, this time of the year can be exciting and fun.  but it can also be extremely frustrating and slow.  it’s easy to let things slide, to let the kids get away with more than they should, and to avoid your responsibilities.

so how do you stay motivated to do a good job until the end of the year?

  • stay busy – this makes the time pass much faster.
  • make a list – this will help you stay organized.
  • clean – you would not believe how disgusting your room can get in nine months even with periodic cleaning.  also, this is a great time to go through your instructional materials and clean out anything that didn’t work or that you want to change.
  • stay focused – continue to create quality lessons and stay consistent with your discipline.  otherwise, you’ll end up with some crazy kids by the end.
  • do projects – this is an easy way to get the kids researching and involved in something that they are interested in learning more about.  the key here is choice.
  • take time to reflect – this is the perfect time to go over what you’ve done throughout the year.  journal about it.  talk to other teachers.  discuss the year with a mentor or your principal while it’s still fresh on your mind.

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