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WOW 5.14 – pushing forward


i’m staying focused on my clean eating.  i’m eating basically the same thing every day, but i am mixing it up a little bit.  breakfast is always my egg cups with organic southwestern veggies and some avocado.  lunch is brown rice, grilled chicken or ground turkey, and a veggie (usually broccoli or green beans).  i try to keep the carbs down at dinnertime.  i’ve been satisfied with some fish and a salad.  i have snacks at least two times a day, and they’re usually fruit, nuts, rice cakes, cottage cheese, or peanut butter on some ezekiel bread.  i’m already down two pounds this month already so i know i’m doing some things right.  now i just need to keep myself healthy and consistent.

i’m still taking it easy with my wrist.  i don’t want to push it to hard to early.  but i am starting to add in some weights.  i’m keeping it at 3-5 lbs still though.  i also ordered a new zumba wii game, zumba world.  i freaking love it!  i can’t believe i pushed zumba to the side months ago.  it’s so fun.  plus, it is great cardio, makes the time go by fast, and works my brain as well.

if the past month has taught me anything it’s that i cannot give up.  i must keep pushing forward.  as long as i am moving in a positive direction, that’s all that matters.  it may not be exactly how i planned, but i’m making it work.  in a matter of days, i will be turning thirty years old.  and i can honestly say i’m better – physically, mentally, emotionally – than i’ve ever been before.

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4 thoughts on “WOW 5.14 – pushing forward

  1. Keep pushing forward! YOU ARE RIGHT!
    Glad to hear that you started back in with the weights… I know that was bothering you!

    OH and eating the same things all the time? That’s how we roll. With work, being a mama, fiance and daughter.. the house to clean, and the wedding to plan.. I AM ALWAYS MAKING BULK (Healthy) MEALS FOR THE WEEK and we just reheat!
    If it isn’t broken don’t fix it!

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