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my favorite birthday story

so i’m turning 30 in a few days.  i’ve been thinking about it for months.  i’ve also been reminiscing about my past birthdays as my thirtieth creeps closer.  i’ve had some great birthdays.  i’ve had some okay ones too.  it’s not my favorite birthday, but my 21st birthday is definitely my favorite story…

birthday forecast

on the day after my 21st birthday, i woke up on an unknown bed hanging halfway off the edge.  i had no idea where i was and i started to panic.  on the floor was my strapless bra from the day before and the rest of my clothes were in a pile across the room.  as i turned over in the bed, i noticed my friend brin was lying there beside me.  i breathed a sigh of relief because surely if brin was there, everything was fine.  so i got up to figure out where i was and it all flooded back to me…

my birthday started at my cousin’s house.  we decided to head out to a music festival that is held every year in the city.  we knew other people who were going and were going to meet up with them.  it’s usual a pretty big get-together.  they play texas country and it’s byob.  but we couldn’t find an ice chest.  so we had to make due with this crappy, styrofoam bucket.  it barely had a lid and the strap was broken so you basically had to carry the whole thing to get it anywhere.  it was embarrassing, but we had a one-track mind that day.

we made it into the festival, made ourselves a spot on the ground, drank some beer, and visited with some friends and family that were there.  we had an all-around good time.  but around sunset, things got a little crazy and hazy, to be honest.  i remember sneaking into the vip tent for some food and free booze since we had run out of both.  we ran into my cousin’s boyfriend and he invited us to his house for an after party.

you should know that this guy was/is a local celebrity, meaning he was the most famous person in the town.  and he knew it and used it.  everyone thought that he was a great guy, and to the outside world he was.  he did a lot of charity work and he was on the news every night.  but he has a different side to him, which we discovered that night.  by the way, my cousin was 20 at the time and he was in his late 30s.  it was weird, but whatever…

so we headed out to his house along with five or six of our girlfriends.  as we walked into his home, we were all shocked.  it was immaculate.  obviously he had a decorator (his mother).  but more that that, it was perfectly clean.  too clean.  creepy clean.  we just thought maybe he was actually gay or maybe just a weirdo.  we couldn’t resist making fun of him behind his back.

we all gathered in the kitchen.  another weird point was that he had two fridges in his kitchen.  there was the normal fridge, and then there was the “girls are coming over, i better have a lot of booze for them” fridge.  this fridge was stocked with beer, malt beer and other girly drinks.  we immediately dug in, but he never really had anything.  we thought it was creepy.  but again, we were 20 and 21. of course, we took advantage.  later on, we raided his liquor cabinet and discovered some watermelon pucker in there.  i opened it up and took a swig.  mid-swig, someone said something funny and i dropped the bottle onto his carpeted kitchen floor.  (who carpets their kitchen?  and what grown man keeps watermelon pucker in his liquor cabinet?)

i couldn’t stop laughing.  i laughed at dropping something.  i laughed at the stain.  i laughed at him while he furiously tried to clean it up out of the carpet.  i laughed as all the other girls fell onto the floor laughing too.

he. was. pissed.  things went south fast.  he basically told us to leave in as nice of a way as he could manage.  so we all packed up.  brin offered me a ride back to my cousin’s house and i took her up on it.  but as we walked out (laughing loudly) a cop drove by.  he stopped and started asking us questions.  we didn’t know what to do so we ran back into the house.  the guy went out and used his local celebrity with the cop to get us out of tickets.  but brin and i were stuck.  the cop parked outside of the house and wouldn’t leave.

so the guy threw us some clothes, showed us to his spare bedroom, and told us to go to sleep.  i woke up in a t-shirt from some charity function and some basketball shorts.  my cousin broke up with him pretty soon after that.

i still giggle when i see that guy on tv or at events.  i’ve caught him staring at me a couple of times over the years.  he either doesn’t remember me or he chooses not to.  and that’s just fine with me.  🙂

hopefully, my 30th will go a little smoother than that one.  thank God, i am older and wiser.  however, i still tend to be like this pic though…  haha!


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