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5.16 | high five for friday!


(ONE) my 30th birthday is tomorrow!  up to this point, i’ve been kind of sad about it, but now i feel different.  i’m actually excited.  people have been telling me that you become comfortable with who you really are in your thirties.  i can finally see that now.  and i’m starting to feel it.  i can’t wait for a fun weekend.  i have a golf tournament, lots of eating and drinking, and a texas country music festival with my friends.  🙂

happy birthday to me

(2i have been doing well with my health lately.  workouts are chugging along, and i’m eating clean about 70-80% of the time.  i’ve lost nearly ten pounds since january, which just hit me yesterday.  it’s slow going, but it’s going!  i also ran across this awesome article from a fitness model sharing what she really looks like.  i’m all about real fitspiration.


(three)  not that i don’t love my job and everything, but there are only 9 school days left until freedom summer!  i’ll let you in on a little secret… teachers are just as excited, if not more, for summer than the kids.

grossly underpaid

(4)  i got my may birchbox this week.  i love the lip balm (perfect color and consistency), but i still need to try the rest.  i love a good matte sunscreen though so i have high expectations for that especially with summer coming.  the thing that had me shaking my head was the breath crystals.  so weird.


(FIVE)  this story has been floating around this week.  as the owner of two very lazy scaredy cats, i am super impressed with this kitty!  it’s so protective and ferocious.  this story could have turned out so different except for that amazing cat.  🙂

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