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10 things…teachers hate to hear

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1.  when a student comes into a teacher’s room on the last day of the six weeks and says something like “what can i do to raise my grade?”

2.  students gossiping.  {more often than not, you don’t want to know what they’re talking about.}

3.  anyone quoting data to explain what should be fixed to raise test scores.

4.  a student whining about an assignment.  {chances are, i’ll make it longer and more difficult!}

5.  a faculty meeting announced at the last minute.  {something’s up!}

absent kid

6.  silence – it usually means trouble.

7.  a pen or pencil tapping on a desk.

8.  a student spitting snot into the trashcan.  {makes me want to hurl.}

9.  a student asking “can i go to the bathroom?” in the middle of your explaining the directions for an assignment.

10.  a student asking “what did we do yesterday?” or even worse “do i need to make up what y’all did yesterday?”

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