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5.30 | high five for friday!


(ONE) it is the last day of this school year!  yea!  although it’s been a great year, i’m ready to be done.  graduation is tomorrow, and i’m saying goodbye to my little seniors.  it’s still crazy to me to watch them grow and change for four years and then go out into the world. however…i need a break from all things school for awhile so i can come back again better than ever in august.

last day of school

(2)  i spent this past weekend in oklahoma at my cousin’s wedding.  it didn’t go as expected for my family, but it was still a great wedding.  it was a special day i won’t forget.




(three)  i have been trying to get back on the health wagon.  my food is still off and my workouts are still inconsistent.  but!  i am going to get it all straightened out and back up and running again in the next week.  this week was difficult with the traveling and end of school goodies everywhere.  next week.

(4)  maya angelou went to jesus this week.  i saw her speak several years ago.  i was AMAZED by her.  i concentrated and took in every single word she said.  what an inspirational, intelligent, and courageous woman.  the world needed her.  in a lot of ways, we still do, but her work is done.


(FIVE)  i got this arrow ring at james avery jewelry last week.  i cannot seem to take it off.  it’s cute, but it’s also a reminder: follow your arrow.  that’s a message i need to be reminded of daily.

james avery arrow and heart ring
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6 thoughts on “5.30 | high five for friday!

  1. I love your arrow ring! It’s so unique!

    And, the pictures of you from the wedding! You look beautiful and so happy! That blue is a good color for you!

    Maya Angelou… just can’t believe it. But, she blessed us with her amazing spirit and point of view. Her words will forever be ours!

  2. Love the arrow ring! The pictures from the wedding are lovely, love the bride’s red glasses. And, hooray for summer – nice to get that time off as a teacher for a nice recharge.

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