healthy living

just not gonna do it…yet


it’s the first of the month.

normally, i would take my measurements and write my new short-term goals.


i’m just not ready to do that.

i’ve been busy and totally off-track for the past few weeks.  i know  that i have made some mistakes.  it’s my fault. i made them consciously.  i messed up.  and now, i don’t feel that i am in the right headspace to take bad measurements or face weight gain.

so i’m just not going to do it.  i’m going to wait for two weeks or so and then take my measurements.  that way i’ll have a little time to get everything straightened out and corrected.

it’s never going to be easy for me.  i know that.  it will always be a struggle to eat the right foods and amounts and to workout consistently.  but i just have to pick myself up, dust myself off, and start again.

here are my past measurements for this year:

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