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something ’bout platinum

miranda lambert’s new album, platinum, was released today.  i listened to it on my morning run (and i use the term “run” loosely here).  i haven’t had a chance to really soak in every song, but there were a few that definitely stand out to me.  i love “little red wagon” and “bathroom sink”.  neither one of those will probably be singles, but i usually like those the best on miranda’s albums.  “gravity is a bitch” made me laugh out loud.

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the thing the most about miranda is that she is sassy as hell, but she’s got a big heart.  she’s real and honest.  i read an article about her in my new women’s health magazine a few weeks ago.  she talked about her recent weight loss.  she talked about how she lost twenty pounds – eating right and exercising, go figure.  but she was also realistic about and accepting of her body.  she said, “i’m still not a sample size and i probably won’t ever be, but i don’t care.  if you sewed a bunch of samples together, i’d be a sample size.” 🙂  she talked about getting older and her song “gravity is a bitch”, where she said, “i think you have to take it with a grain of salt.  and i hope to look like my mother as i get older.  she’s beautiful. and my grandmother’s beautiful. but they’re beautiful on the inside too.  so i’ll get wrinkly and decrepit and i’ll be pretty on the inside.”  gotta love a girl who faces life with humor, strength, and honesty who makes great music to boot.

little red wagon

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