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WOW 6.4 – my one and only magic trick


so i have this magical ability to gain weight.  it’s crazy how fast i can pack on weight and not even realize it until a few weeks later.  i was off the wagon for about three straight weeks at the end of may.  i didn’t see the full extent of it until this past monday when i got on the scale and actually saw that i had gained nearly eight pounds in three and a half weeks.  “what the fuck” was my first thought.  but then i really reflected on it.  i accepted that my clothes have been a little tighter, that my stomach is squishy again, that i’ve lost some of my endurance and strength.  i did it.  no excuses are valid.  not my birthday celebrating, not the traveling, not the end of school, not the going out.  in truth, i was conscious of every food slip-up and every missed/weak workout.  i did it to me.


i cleaned out my fridge on sunday and meal prepped.  i decided on my workouts and sketched out a plan for my food for the week.  i’m back to tracking my food.  that definitely helps me stay on track.  i added a few little post-its to my mirror in my bathroom.  i have decided to do the couch to 5k program.  i’m not a runner.  i’m the first person to say that, but i feel like it might be good to have something to do each morning to get myself moving in the right direction.  i’m using this app so that i can listen to my music and not have to think about it too much.

then after my “running”, i’m planning on doing another workout in the afternoons.  i don’t want to overload on working out, but i do want to get in some strength training, zumba, kickboxing, and stretching/yoga.  i’m still having issues with my wrist and i don’t want to push it.  however, i’m getting pretty good at modifying.

know the difference

in short, i have reinstated the activity, positivity, and organization.  i have to have a plan or i am completely lost, which is how i got myself into the weight gain again (and every time).  it’s never going to get easier for me.  i’ve pretty much accepted that.  i’m not the kind of girl who can take a weekend “off” and go crazy.  i know that if i have something coming up, i have to either hold back or accept the consequences of my screw-ups.  and i just had three straight weeks of screw-ups and i’m accepting the consequences head on.  so here we go for like the fiftieth time…

never let a stumble

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