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6.6 | high five for friday!


(ONE) the first week of summer is now complete!  it’s been a relatively boring but good one.  i can’t complain.  i know i’m lucky to get this time off.

summer is going by so slow

(2)  graduation was this past saturday.  i was surprised that i actually got a little choked up!  those kids drove me insane for the past two months, but i still care about them.  it was a bittersweet day saying goodbye to all of them.


(three) my workouts and food intake are finally back on track.  i started the couch to 5k program this week to give myself a little bit of a jump start.  and then i also did an additional workout each day with those being around 20-35 minutes long.  i think i’ll go out to the canyon next week for something different.


(4) since i have a little time on my hands, i’ve caught up on some books and movies that i’ve been meaning to get to, but just didn’t have the time/energy for a the end of the school year.  i started “gone girl” and am so glad i did!  so good!  and i am almost finished with the first season of “orange is the new black”.  it’s such a weird show, but i’m liking it!

there's always hope...

(FIVE) i actually bought a new swimsuit and got out to the pool this week.  i always have the hardest time finding a suit.  i am big up-top, and i usually need underwire or some other kind of support.  that’s a hard thing to find in between all the string bikinis (just no) and tankinis.  but i got one at Target that i think is going to work out great for this summer.  it’s a black underwire tank with adjustable straps and rouching on the sides.  it’s super flattering and supportive, which is all i really wanted.  i got a mint colored bottom to go with it, but really I could wear any color with it.


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