healthy living

new and improved coffee creamer

i am a self-confessed {sort of} caffeine addict.  i don’t have to have it, especially in the summer when it gets super hot in texas.  but i sure do enjoy it when i have it.  sometimes i’ll just make it in the morning and then put my coffee mug in the fridge for an hour or so to make it cold.

i like coffee and tea, but i can’t take either of them black.  i need a little something to make them bearable.  with tea, i just put in a teaspoon of stevia or sugar (it’s only 15 cals, after all).  with coffee, i used to just throw in some store-bought creamer (italian sweet cream is my favorite).  my new habit kicked in recently and i looked at the ingredient list.  15 things, most of which i couldn’t pronounce.

so in an effort to clean things up, i started looking for a healthier alternative. of course i went to pinterest and started looking around.  most of what i found seemed either too thin or too thick (read: high calorie) in consistency.  i’m aware that this is not a new idea; it’s just new to me.  so i sort of combined what i saw on pinterest into this quick three ingredient recipe.  it makes enough to last me about two weeks, give or take.  i cleaned out an old creamer bottle and reused it.  this creamer is yummy and nearly all natural. homemade coffee creamer recipe

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