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WOW 6.11 – a frustrating, enlightening, intriguing mess.


i’m finally getting into my summertime routine.  i’m doing my workouts in the morning, with everything taking about an hour or two.  that way i can just get it done and over with and i can’t make excuses.  i’m also trying to mix it up so that i don’t get bored.  i’m hoping to head out to the canyon each week or every other week to get outside.  my morning run (couch to 5K) thing is going surprisingly well.  i’m still sucking wind, but i’m trying hard and i haven’t missed a day that i’m supposed to do it.

last week’s workouts.

the food thing is a different story altogether.  it has been harder to stay on a schedule without…ahem…a schedule.  so i’m having to put in much more effort to stay the course.  i need to work on planning out my meals better.  when i get back from my little weekend trip, i’m going to sit down and really plan everything.  like write it down and shit.  that way i can see ahead and i won’t be able to cheat.  i have been better about that lately though.  i have been tracking everything with my lose it app.  i’m going to continue to do that for at least a couple more weeks.

my problem, i’ve found, is my snacking.  without any planning, i can make myself balanced and calorie appropriate meals.  but the snacking!  that’s the hard part.  when i track my food with the app, i can clearly see it happening and stop it.  i’ve noticed i’m not eating enough protein too.  i’m not much of a meat eater these days, but i know i need to make that more of a priority.

be stubborn and flexible.

you know…i feel like i’m never going to figure it out, but maybe that’s just how it’s supposed to be.  we’re human.  we make mistakes.  lots of them.  but we’re also learning all the time too.  and on top of all of that, we’ve got goals that we desperately want to reach.  put it all together, and it makes a mess.  a frustrating, enlightening, intriguing mess.

this 24 minute video includes six total body superset circuits.  there’s not a warm-up or cool down so work those in on your own.  i like this one for a workout after my morning run.  it’s short, but just long enough to get in some strength training for the day.  i did it last thursday, and i’m planning on doing it again today.  enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “WOW 6.11 – a frustrating, enlightening, intriguing mess.

  1. Oh man Fitness Blender is awesome. I love their videos.

    And, I’ve made this week DGAF week… I am off track.. and I know I won’t be back on track until I just give in, and allow myself to do it.
    Sounds weird, but it happens every few months…

    Next week.. new week… More motivated.. I swear!

    Come on over… check out my confessions!

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